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we gave Seminal Clwyd one last chance, bless 'em. I think they did rather well, considering how often they fell over. Recorded September 11th 2001, I kid you not - that cover pic, taken by Drew (Surely by Photographed, Ed.) is East London, as close as we got the Arms Fair before being neatly boxed by scary bored police on their big neigh-neighs, who looked on, annoyed and titillated in equal measure by the pink bloc taking the piss in rhyme and waggling their tinsel at them.
"I like it" I said to Gareth, "but you know our record, It's not going to sell." He stared over to the ugly grey warehouse full of evil Made in Britain brokerage, and said: "Give it time, Mattyboy. Now, how much do you think those f88kers'd pay for a fairtrade welsh-made iron maiden?"
He'd even made a brochure. Gareth convinced the Clwyd clan to move to Honduras, last I heard. i still got £4.27 for them in an envelope in the toilet.


released September 11, 2001
music by Steely Dan



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Ah! Records Nasty, UK

Ah! Records is officially the least successful record label of all time. Plagued for 30 years by bad luck, criminality, drug- induced recklessness and vandalism, only founders Bill Easton & Andy Matthews' belief in the merits of these releases have ensured Ah!'s continuity. Currently a toilet on a houseboat in Portugal, the office of Ah! introduces these gems to a new generation via bandcamp. x ... more

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