el álbum Negro ("the Black Album")

by Los Condenados



The history of Ah! records is nothing if not fluid. Not just the history itself, which can change on an hourly basis depending upon which member of Seminal Clwyd is 'volunteering' (thieving and file-hacking) in the office. Not just Seminal Clwyd, which was one of the world's more combustible and high original gravity bands (self-described)... what I'm saying is, we drank a lot. I am not a rock'n'roll apologist (sorry), but even though most of the time this led to fruitless and expensive misendeavours, occasionally THINGS WOULD HAPPEN that otherwise the world would've been free from. Like this, recorded-in-one-night by the Ah! million dollar quartet. We got as far as fourth track on side one before unconsciousness crept in on little catsick feet. I alone managed to cough up a ropy "Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde" before the cleaner injected me in the scrotum with windowlene.
I woke up two days later with a godawful comedown and a floor polisher on my face. I rustled up a cover from the wall of a decaying farmhouse on the outskirts of Arona, of which i was quite proud, but the immensely powerful multinational industry that is The Damned's legal team refused to give us the rights without various bafflingly contradictory contracts (eg. "you must bite off a rat's head"/ "you must be vegan"). I managed to smuggle a Horse's head into the Captain's bed, but as it was a seahorse I doubt he noticed.


Wait for the Blackout
Lively Arts
Silly Kids games
Drinkin' 'bout my baby


released June 6, 1906



all rights reserved


Ah! Records Nasty, UK

Ah! Records is officially the least successful record label of all time. Plagued for 30 years by bad luck, criminality, drug- induced recklessness and vandalism, only founders Bill Easton & Andy Matthews' belief in the merits of these releases have ensured Ah!'s continuity. Currently a toilet on a houseboat in Portugal, the office of Ah! introduces these gems to a new generation via bandcamp. x ... more

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