guinea pig possessed

by andy matthews



By now you won't believe a word I write here, nonetheless:
Howie, whom I believe I had yet to meet (sober at least), had written some riff sequences on bass guitar, without much idea of what to do with them. So, he sent a rough, mic in bedroom, cassette recording to my fizzy coleslaw friend Spencer. Spen held onto the cassette for a year or so before playing it to me. Intruiged by the chop and change of time and key and general mid-80's kind-of-bands-that-Peel-liked gruntiness, I taped a copy of the copy, bounced (as I believe young people call it) this onto a 4 track cassette and set about making songs out of some of them. Came out surprisingly well, I think. Howie's original bass clonk still audible and not too hissy. Howie was so pleased he found it difficult to know what to say next tme we met, over breakfast in a B&B in West Sussex. I think it was pleasure, anyway. Mind you, could have been the toast, which was a bit cold and hard and difficult to swallow.


get out of the car,
we’re going on a cruise
the punk SS Titanic goes down
playing ‘where have all the lifebouys gone?”
self-preservation is your death
you’ll never change
get out of the car
he’s driving like a guinea pig possessed by

This is Hell nor am I out of it
Out of the frying pan into the shit
out of ordure, eaten by maggit
out of maggit into the lap of God.

like a guinea pig
would you like a guinea pig?

hey! Hey!
Let me hear you make some noise!

Let me smell ya, let me tell ya
how many shades of shit can they sell ya
you lost your winky as you came to realise
the rest of the world don’t see you through your Momma’s eyes.
your Momma!

get out of the car,
we’re going on a cruise
the punk SS Titanic goes down
playing “where have all the lifebouys gone?”


released April 22, 2016
original music by Howie Reeve
song and arrangement by andy Matthews



all rights reserved


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