bad sneakers

by Andy Matthews



The best thing to do with a hangover is record a Johnny Cash song. The next best thing is to record another song you like, but an octave lower.
Actually, probably the best thing is to make a brew, go back to bed and hope you get ramraided by an Ocado truck driven by a tired stripper.
I waited, but eventually felt chance was not on my side, so recorded a Steely Dan soing for my friend Steve who was really not well and wasn't going to get better, truck or no truck.


released November 11, 2005
words and music: Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, or words to that effect
but i played and done everything, except the handrums which I peeled off a recording of the talented and super Daniela McDermott that she had asked me to make. Turns out i didn't have the right kind of mics. Or any knowledge of how to mike up congas or djembes.



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