by Camp Daevid



another Um song, this time from the ill-fated (natch) UmInsideMe youth project, about which I am forbidden by the courts and Esther Rantzen's estate to speak. The artwork on this was done by the astoundingly talented Billy Fuzz. What a firework he stuck up the USB outlet of Ah! What a shame he didnt last long. I mean, literally. We assumed he was in the Grant enlarger all day, same old motionless baggy jeans, scuffed red gazelles, smell of hot dust.. two days later, Jerry the office 'girl' (48 year old retired dentist from Haversham, full beard and ballsack) tapped his bum to ask if he fancied a coffee and a handjob while he was in there, and the jeans fell to the floor, empty. Billy just didn't last long. As I said.

Still, Camp Daevid stuck around once the UmInsideMe youth project folded (literally - bloody supermarket fruit crate eco-building idea nonsense) and we pulled this tune out of the nonse before he left with all the pens and my coke can that danced. tosser. And no, the name wasn't our idea, he insisted and yes, Jerry nabbed him. Probably drawing ejaculating cocks on Sunday supplement magazines with my pentel fineliners even as I type. tosser.


released December 23, 1999
words and melody and molody: Pete Um
arrangement and all the playing: Andy Matthews
vocals: Camp Daevid
Tea? Coffee? Handjob while you're in there?: Jerry



all rights reserved


Ah! Records Nasty, UK

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