Goodbye Palmerston Road EP

by Andy, Simon & Me




This was originally a cassingle, very limited edition - of 001.

The EP consisted of 4 songs:
I sold my soul at Palmerston Road
There's a backroom in Palmerston
Goodbye Palmerston Road &
Neun-und-neunzig Palmerston.

The basis of the first two was a humgover, incredible disrespectful jam at said address the morning after a legendary one. Andy "Animal" Nazer on drums, me on bass, Simon "Anybody want a cup of tea?" Bannister on Clarinet and access to a Squonkier Realm of Perception. I added a vocal and guitar or two on four track, and then another couple of songs 'cause in those days I could just knock the lyrics out.

I ONLY MADE ONE COPY. On cassette.
The cassette was buried in the backyard.

The other day I found the original 4-track inside a magic rabbit I'd who'd saved my life years ago (another story), and had had mummified.
So, on Thursday I'd picked Zammo up to dust under him, and his arsehole fell off.
The carpet was covered in dog-ends, old brown bus tickets and a WH Smith's Ferric Oxide C60 with the typed label "mAng farkznr" (?), just dangling beneath yellowed sellotape, like a flap of skin on a macheted forearm. Zammo's beautiful bunnymagic had worked one last time.

Oh bugger! Typing this whilst listening to side B of the tape, I just found another two tracks after the Gun Club! Release 41!


I sold my soul at Palmerstone Road

I wandered through the ‘city’
past hoards of ancient relics
’til I saw the sign of Satan
two thirds of it inverted
On the door as black as terror
I firmly grabbed a knocker
heard the chime of devils playing
And the Zom-B led me in

In a corridor of ladies
their faces green as emeralds
Could I exorcise the zom-B?
Be born again, my fiend
Inside the next dark chamber
I could hear a torture tragic
Zom-B said that was the Nazer
It had a childlike magic.

We sought Limahl for guidance
offering our golden torrent
In the chapel of the spider
we did chunder in the bin
At times we numbered plenty
and indulged in Bacchanalia
some exposed their genitalia
for a thousand crimes of sin.

99, now I know
I sold my soul at Palmerston road

There’s a backroom in Palmerston

There’s a backroom in Palmerston
where I fell down
and there I slept
’til woken up by Simon

Still too pissed to think or to wake up
too hungover to go to sleep
A cup of tea would be the business
To a strange man

I had kneeled in the ashtray where it fell down
and yeah, I stank, and my clothes needed an iron
either the wacky or the alcohol
I didn’t know if I was in Boscombe or Zion

He said rinse out your mouth with this cup of tea that I have now
I shall put it down here by your side, on the right
Cheers, Sime!

Carry me away toxicity - 8 Viborgs, 4 joints at least
God knows what time I crashed out, in this strange land
Still too pissed or to wake up, too hungover to go to sleep
A cup of tea sounds the business to a strange man

Anybody need a cup of tea?
Are you making tea? I am.
Do you want one? Yes please. ‘Makes three then
Would you ever drink tea if Simon wasn’t living here?

Goodbye Palmerston Road
When are you going to move out?
When are you going to leave?
Nothing more than a couple of buddies
It’s only Andy and Steve

remember the New Years parties
The Viborg we drank a load
It’s hard to believe there won’t be another
party I have at Palmerston road

So goodbye Palmerston road
So long to 99
It may not have been a penthouse
but all in all you were fine
goodbye shitty back yard
to the bed’s that they’ll have to take out
‘cos Zom-B only washed his sheets once
at 99 Palmerston Road

neun-und-neunzig Palmerston
me and some of my best friends
thought we’d get a house together
where we could make noise and stuff
but it wouldn’t last forever

People came and people left
now it’s time for us to fly
so, thank you for the memories
99 Palmerston Road, goodbye.


released June 6, 1996



all rights reserved


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